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Life insurance is the best choice

Life insurance is a literal thing to prepare for when the insured dies. Naturally, most insured persons are in a position to support households. I do not know much about how much money is needed to deal with those people when something happens.
In general, it is said that the necessary compensation amount in the case of average emergency of male employees in their 30s who have two wives and two children is over 100 million yen. This is the residual bereaved family deducting the survivor’s pension from the funds you need for your life. Even if you consider it as normal, you can not prepare this amount of money. Of course, this does not include income from spouses at all, but it is common that even if spouse has income, it is never easy.
In order to prepare for such an emergency, eventually it is best to use life insurance. Recently insurance companies have prepared various tools such as when you need to analyze the necessity and how much you need the necessary amount, and we are commercializing life insurance according to their needs.

Life insurance birth announcement story

I will prepare for insurance considering emergency things. Life insurance is just sold as a product from many insurance companies by preparing for financial preparation just in case of death literally.
In many cases, life insurance is not only for receiving insurance money at the time of death, but also for diseases and injuries, and plans with characteristics unique to each product are made. The origin of these life insurance dates back to UK of about 250 years old.
The background of the creation of this insurance is greatly influenced by the statistical development that created statistical data related to human life. According to this statistic, the life expectancy according to the age of the person is calculated, and the system which establishes the insurance money according to it is constructed in the UK of the 18th century.
This mechanism is applied roughly even now, which confirms that it was a very breakthrough discovery and invention. From here we will develop further and modern life insurance will be born. It was the introduction of the concept of flat rate insurance premium that was the basis of that.

How to apply friendly insurance

Life insurance has become a considerably expensive commodity in my life. Payment of insurance premiums is mostly noticeable because there are many payments such as monthly payment or annual payment, but in reality it is in line with house purchase and car purchase.
The reason why you insure even using that much money is because you do not know when the emergency situation will occur. Insurance is a product to mitigate such risks, and it is not easy to trade.
There are various kinds of life insurance from each company, but each one has its own characteristics, and it is necessary to select products according to the circumstances in which individuals are placed. There is no correct answer for how to put such insurance. The best way is to consult a financial planner of several insurers. It is because only insurance experts will explain the appropriate insurance in a convincing way. Even if it is somewhat difficult, having the insurance contract and life design explained in detail is the biggest point that can make life insurance skillful.

Types of life insurance

Life insurance basically assumes what happened when the insured died. However, now, three types of insurance called death insurance, life insurance, life and death mixed insurance are completed.
The most basic thing is death insurance. This is an insurance that is paid only when the insured dies during the insurance period. However, this death insurance is currently used only for term insurance. In most cases, mixed with survival insurance is used.
Survival insurance is insurance that will be paid if the insured is alive at the end of the insurance period. There is a case where the full amount is paid by lump sum payment and the fixed amount is paid continuously as long as it is alive.
What combines these death insurance and life insurance is what is called life and death mixed insurance. Although life insurance incorporates various calculation formulas, insurance premiums and insurance money are set by fitting to various assumed patterns, but most of them are arranged with such insurance shapes, and many items As of now, we are around.

Death protection

Various types of products are offered for recent life insurance. Life insurance has been made to be variously used depending on purpose from its characteristics.
Death protection is the most interested in many families. Death protection is literally guaranteed when the insured dies. In life insurance, there are some products with emphasis on this death protection. What is important for death protection is how much money is needed at the time of death. Of course, if you support a household, the amount will increase.
For types of insurance with emphasis on death protection, items with high death protection will be the center even for periodic insurance to be dumped or mixed type insurance. Although it is common that the guarantee in other parts becomes thinner by increasing death protection, even recently there are goods that could deal with diseases and injuries to a certain extent, Those that have gained security are also sold. Some insurance types such as lifetime pension insurance with death protection are available, and choices are wider than in the past.

Term insurance

There are various types of products in life insurance. Among them, term insurance is the insurance that puts the most emphasis on death protection.
Periodic insurance is assembled for the purpose of ensuring adequate for the survivors who left in case of death within the insurance period. For this reason most life insurance has no guarantee except at the time of death and there is no maturity insurance money to be paid if the insurance period expires. It is a type called so-called hanging.
In such periodic insurance, even if it is a flat rate insurance premium, most of the insurance premium paid is used for death protection, so the cancellation refund by cancellation is very small. Some periodic insurance products have set premiums to be cheaper and set refunds by cancellation halfway to zero in order to enhance security.
In the past, there was an image of insurance = term insurance, but recently insurance products corresponding to various risks other than periodic insurance are the mainstay. However, such term insurance is provided for any chance, and it is still an important item.

Life insurance

For life insurance, life insurance with lifetime guarantee without specifying insurance period is called life insurance. In the case of whole life insurance, regardless of the time of death, the point that insurance money is always paid is different from regular life insurance. For this reason, the insurance premiums themselves are set higher than regular insurance.
The characteristic of life insurance is a type that pays all insurance premiums by a certain age and a type that keeps paying lifetime, both of which are merit and short. Usually, there are many types that pays insurance premiums by a certain age, and if this is the case, there is no need for payment after the payment ends, but the insurance premium while paying will be slightly higher.

On the other hand, payment insurance premiums are set relatively low for types that continue to pay for lifetime, but still the total amount of payment insurance premiums may exceed the received insurance payment from around the age of 70 years old.
Regardless of the type, insurance for the family left behind is made to fulfill its full function. The outline of actual insurance will be a bit more complicated, even the same whole life insurance will vary depending on the product.